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an exceptional weekend.

It was a glorious and beautiful weekend here in Oregon. 
We spent the whole time outside! 

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. mowed the lawn & planted the garden. so nice!!

  2. went on the boat, played in the backyard, helped build a tree house, and soaked in the sunshine from a lawnchair while the boys played some more! FL sure is wonderful this time of year!!

  3. ahh, he is SO GORGEOUS. As are you, friend.

    I had a mental breakdown. Not quite as fun, but pretty exciting.

  4. i drove trev to work at 6am and took the dog to the park twice, ate lunch on the front porch and completely reorganized my closet!

  5. we spent most of it packing, but the lovely weather made it possible for hubs to pack & organize the garage!

  6. Well lets see, I drove from the Denver airport in a snowstorm during rush hour! UGH spent a lot of time with the boys, my Parents, my In-laws, saw my cousin that I have not seen in probably 18 yrs. My Sister, and My brother and his wife. I ate, and ate and ate. and went to Black Hawk only to lose about $60.00. Now I am packing back up, only to drive BACK to the Denver airport in another snow storm due to arrive tomorrow morning.... Life is good :)