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Wisdom Wednesday - Plan it Out!

Imagine that it's a random Saturday morning in our house... we've talked about going hiking all week, but we never got a plan nailed down. So, we wake up a little later than usual, lounge around in our pijamas and drink coffee while lingering on the couch... and before we know it, it's noon!

NO! We wanted to go hiking! It's much too late to get everything together, pick a trail & head out into the Gorge.

This actually happens more than we'd like to admit around here. We always have the best intentions of going out and doing something new, but we never take the time during the week to plan it out. Or, we forget to get things together the night before. Or, we just don't set our alarms.

It's the classic case of NOT planning out your trip in advance. Chances are, this has happened to you, too. When you have a kid to take with you, it's even more imperative that you take the time to plan out your activity and spend the time preparing for the trip! Here's a couple pointers that will help you avoid the lolligagging and lingering!

  1. Take time during the week to do research:  Where are you going to go? How far of a trip will it be away from the house? Do you have the money squared away for gas & food? Should you get to the gym this week to prepare (if it's more strenuous)? 
  2. Make plans with friends - the earlier the better: If you plan on going out with some friends, make sure they're on board with the activity and time. The sooner you can get this nailed down with all of the details, the less frustrated everyone will be! Also, going with other people will help you stick to your own agenda! You're less likely to flake out if others have agreed to join you!
  3. Get gear prepared the night before: Enjoying the outdoors can sometimes require certain gear, and if you have kids, the amount of gear nearly doubles! Do yourself a favor and skip the night out with friends the night before in order to prepare for your outing the next day. Get everything you'll need ready to go, and pack what you can in the car right then! Set aside everything you'll need for junior, too. Thinking through your list will help assure that you don't forget anything important. I know that I ALWAYS forget something when I'm rushed!

What are you planning to do this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. So far, plan is to walk around the lake. My folks are keeping Tuck this week, so we'll swing by & pick her up, then head out to the lake, feed ducks. Lame suburbia life, but at least it's getting us outside!

    I'm SO READY for warmer weather - there's another lake closer to our home that has a private beach that we have a key to, plus we can let Tuck off leash & she loves swimming. But that's more a July/August activity.