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Summer's First Trip

Yesterday, we went for a float down a small section of the Rogue River here in southern Oregon. Erik grew up on this river, and I've become familiar with it after many summers of being so closely tied to the rafting company he works for. But, yesterday was Rowan's first time down the river.

Erik and I are currently in possession of his dad's drift boat. For those of you who aren't familiar with river-speak, this is a kind of boat that is specifically made for navigating rivers. Sometimes you'll see motors on them, but ours is powered by my husband's strong arms on the oars. And really, on this river, there's not much need for a motor.

Anyway, we have access to the aforementioned boat. This particular boat is special... it was the boat that Erik rode in for the first time down the river with HIS dad when he was 9 months old. It was really fun for us to use it into the next generation.

We packed up some snacks, slathered sunscreen on Rowan and myself and traveled down the Rogue. It was beautiful. Stunning. Picturesque. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty that lies practically in my backyard. I am so looking forward to many, many floats this summer.

Rowan did amazingly well. He wasn't a huge fan of the lifejacket, but he managed to stay pleasant the whole trip and even fell asleep when we traveled down the flat sections. He was a trooper and it further solidified our belief that our child LOVES being outside.

Enjoy a few of the pictures!


  1. RO-DAWG! You are so cute in your little pfd! Thanks for the pictures, Nish! These pictures make it easier to go with out Wednesday dose of cute.

  2. LOVE the pictures. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. i LOVE that one of him and daddy and the last one! Sooo cute! Where did you buy his pfd? We got ours at target and its hideous blue!! That one is awesome!! :)

  4. Hey Alysha, the PFD that we use is from NRS. I looked on their website to find it, but it seems that they aren't selling them right now. I can have Erik give them a call to see what the deal is. We do a lot of business with them for all the rafting gear.

  5. Amie O'TooleJune 9, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    This brings back memories - there were lots of summers spent in that boat!!!! And Rowan is adorable!!!!

  6. i approve of how adorable this post is...i do not approve of your university of texas tshirt! haha

  7. Haha! Kim, I am a University of Colorado Alumni, so I love all things Buffalo. But, my parents live in Austin, so I'm kind of a Longhorn by default. :)

  8. Looks like a great day, and wonderful pictures!

    I found you through Twitter, and I really like your blog.

  9. I love rafting and hope to go this summer! In fact, it may be my favorite thing to do... Glad you had fun. (Yay UT)

  10. That looks like SO much fun. We like to kayak at a lake near our house, but as much as I love Texas, the waters here aren't exactly gorgeous.

    You're little guy is so cute in his hat!

  11. awesome..and touche. :)

    i will be getting my teaching certificate from univ of co when we move to boulder in january and hopefully when we are ready to have kids we will settle down in austin! :) we have lots in common, missy!