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Things I loved this week.

There are a few blogs around the web that have a weekly post on Fridays, listing the things they found around the internet that they loved. I think this is a great idea, because I love sharing the goodness! I mean really, who doesn't love a hilarious YouTube video, or cute Etsy find, or a piece of writing that makes your spirit want to soar right out of your chest?

So, here are a few things that I came across this week that I really loved:

1. The launch of The MOB Society (did I mention that I'm a contributor? No? Oh, well I am!)
2. This video from Viral Video Film School on the greatest YouTube pranks. Hilarious!
3. "How to really enjoy other people" by The Gypsy Mama (Lisa-Jo)
4. This book. It is stirring and beautifully written. I'm reading it for the third time.
5. An amazing organization that's raising up local, indigenous leaders in South Africa.
6. Josh Ritter's newest album.
7. Seeing blogging friends enjoy the adventure of the outdoors, even if its in flip-flops.

What did YOU enjoy this week? I would love to hear!

Happy Friday! 


  1. Thanks for this lovely link! And I soo excited to see Thrive in your line up - isn't Alece just the most wonderful thing ever!


  2. You are so welcome! Loved your post, it spoke strong Truth, my friend. And yes, Thrive makes my heart sing. I love the movement and what God is doing through Alece!

  3. I love when people show how thankful they are. you have a wonderful blog