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Thankful on a Thursday - A bit tired.

Today, I don't have much to offer. I've had a rough day, a long day, and my body just needs to shut down for a while. I could sleep for a week. 

But, I'm here and I'm going to offer up my thankfulness. Because, even in the thick mud of the hard days, I'm choosing to be thankful, grateful and humbled in front of the One who restores all things anew. 

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday?
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121. Spending time talking with and seeing the face of one of my oldest and dearest friends... even if its through a screen.

122. The excruciatingly cute giggle that emerges upon the sight of one rubber ducky. 

124. My deliciously hot cup of coffee that I get to enjoy every morning.

125. The fresh roses on my desk that came from the backyard.

126. An unbelievable web guru who is giving this place the biggest makeover you've ever seen. 

127. Naps in the sunshine.

128. Summer is here, which means I stop wearing makeup.

129. A really great camera that captures really great moments.

130. My church's successful move into a new building.

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