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My friend Haley and I went out last night and shared some excellent conversation over a couple of excellent Portland beers at the Lucky Lab. It's so refreshing to be able to lay all of your crap out on the table for someone to see and speak into. It was good for my heart, to be sure. We talked about everything... my fear of having another kid, the mama drama of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, our love and weird fascination with Lady Gaga, discipleship, and even our pride. During the conversation, I felt the motivation to post some of my crap here, for all the world to see... a confession of sorts. I'm going to list out some of the things that I feel like I need to work on in my life, and I hope that you'll ask me about them regularly and help keep me accountable.

Wanna join me? It's risky. It's vulnerable. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it's worth it.

Things You Don't Know About Me... But You Should
  1. I swear a LOT.
  2. I'm a blame-shifter.
  3. I have a really bad sense of entitlement.
  4. I get road rage.
  5. I watch crass & inappropriate comedy movies... and I laugh at them.
  6. I don't particularly care about my neighbors.
  7. I listen to rap music... and I listen to Lady Gaga... and I like it.
  8. I'm afraid of commitment. 
  9. I'm pretty materialistic. 
  10. I hold grudges.

What do YOU need to work on?


  1. you're brave, and I love it!! good job.

    1. I get frustrated with my children most easily
    2. and I shout
    3. I get bummed when people don't comment on my blog - I feel like I put a lot out there, and *deserve* some feedback
    4. I am afraid of being alone, which isn't good when my hubs travels as much as he does.
    5. I wish I was prettier (blush)

  2. This is such a great idea. I love it.
    1) I am impatient.
    2) I yell.
    3) I am spoiled. and I act like it.
    4) I am materialisitic too.
    5) I am always wanting more than what I have.

  3. These are my confessions...

  4. Many of these are things I do too. And they don't seem too bad to me. ;)

    My biggest thing I need to work on is being more patient with my children. And using my time better.

  5. ooh i am going to post on this tomorrow. I will link back to you. Great idea. :)

  6. Nish, you always have a great idea, to help people bring the best or worse of us out. I love this blog.
    there is not enough room here to post my confessions however, Lady Gaga is not one of them... =)

  7. I just found your blog through Oh My Family, and it's nice to meet you! I love this idea, so here goes!

    1. I too, yell quite alot at my kids even though most people see me as a quiet, passive person....
    2. I do not manage my time well at all
    3. I feel like being on a schedule stifles me, yet I know it would really benefit my life.
    5. I complain alot out loud to myself about all my woe-is-me's even when the kids are in hearing distance.
    6. I stay up way too late(umm, is it really 1:30am?)

  8. Um, all 10 of yours. . .PLUS
    11. I secretly don't really like any children except my own 2 perfect little creations!
    12. I feel old and sometimes go to extremes to prove to myself that I'm really not (like those 4 margaritas last Thursday or that cartwheel that I did for my son -- I sill have a headache from the tequila and I think I threw my back out on the gymnastics!)
    13. I am late for work EVERYDAY. . .and I really don't care.
    14. I like it when my friends say "you're spoiled" because I know I am and I like it!
    15. I still say "I just had a baby" when I feel self-conscious about my weight when in reality I have just spent the last almost 10 months of my "baby"'s life stuffing my face.

    Whew. . .I actually kinda feel better getting that all out! :)