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Thankful on a Thursday - He numbered the sand.

We arrived at Camp Magruder under black skies with a glitter blanket. The stars were out. It felt like ages since I had seen them so bright. Living in the city always casts a dark shadow over their sparkle, even in the dead of night. But they were waiting for me upon my arrival. I stared at them with a smile of recognition, thanking Him for allowing them to attend.

We unpacked our things and got all of the teenagers squared away... their yammering mouths alive from the sugar and caffeine that only Mountain Dew can provide. Ali and I made our way to the small sleeping cabin, just 100 yards away. Assembling the cribs of mesh and nylon, we prepared for adventure. Two days with her nine month old, Annabelle, and my five month old, Rowan... along with the aforementioned teenagers.

The night ended and we awoke the next morning to blue skies and warm weather. I smiled at the sun's rays, thanking them for their attendance, also. 

We spent the day swinging, eating, laughing, giggling. We buried our feet in the sand of the beach and ran them across the soft green grass. Our hands caught frisbees and shoveled sand. We roared with laughter as teenage boys chose to brave the Pacific's chill and jump in the waves, fully clothed. 

I smiled as my little boy's toes became wrapped in sand, and laughed even more as he pulled them into his mouth. He was alive and cheerful in the spring sun, and I could have looked at those toes for hours. 

I finally became aware of the sand in their creases and tried my best to count each grain. 

I couldn't do it.

I sat amazed. To think that He knows exactly how many grains of sand are on the Pacific shore... it was enough to flood my mind and heart to the point that I didn't have words to speak. No words could speak of God's vastness and breadth in that moment. 

It was enough to make me want to crouch lowly on my knees and put my face to the ground.
It was enough to make me want to jump as high as I could with arms outstretched, shouting of his grandeur. 

I looked around at the young people surrounding me as we talked about the Apostle Paul and his thankfulness for those with whom he was in deep community.

I sat amazed at their young faces, too. Each one so carefully crafted by a loving Artist. Their inquisitive eyes studying their pastor as he spoke of God and his goodness, despite our lives' trials and tribulations. 

I sat thankful.
I sit thankful today, too.

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday?
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71. The rare, warm, sunny day on the Oregon coast in April.
72. Bonfires in the sand.
73. Picking up a book to read for the seventh time and feeling its well-worn pages between my fingers.
74. Tiny toes and big giggles.
75. Frisbees.
76. A bowl of sugar-coated cereal, drenched in ice cold milk... for dinner.
77. Our newly-formed bedtime routine with Rowan: bath, bottle, story, sleep. And a good snuggle, too.
78. The bonds of strong and true friendships - the kind that stand the test of time.
79. The tulips blooming all over Portland. 
80. God's vastness and my smallness. 

I'm so grateful that so many people have started listing their thanks every Thursday. I've created the banner above for you to post on your site every week, linking back to The Outdoor Wife. I'd love it if you'd put it to good use!


  1. My link is not showing, =(
    but I am participating!
    My Family - My God CAN!

  2. I just love your thankful thursday posts Nish. They really do remind me of how small I am in comparison to how Great our God is. :)
    I cant wait to write my post later today .

  3. beautifully put as usual. Glad you had sunny weather on the coast!

  4. I found you through Tiffany's blog - great meme!