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Experiencing Him.

I live in an awe-inspiring place. I'm able to soak in God's creative beauty by simply stepping onto my front porch or walking down my street.

Yesterday, I was having a bit of a rough afternoon. With our looming move to southern Oregon fast-approaching, I began to feel overwhelmed by the details of packing and planning, along with the desperate fears of loneliness that quietly & stubbornly invade my heart. I needed to get out of the house and just... walk.

So, I did.

I put Rowan in the stroller, grabbed my camera and just walked up the street.

And in the midst of my fears and frustrations, the Lord breathed new life into my lungs and rejuvenated my heart. He didn't have to do much but send a light rain to cool me down and show me bright bursts of color along the way.

He is quite the Artist, isn't He?

Where do you need to go to experience Him?

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  1. Beautiful post. When i lived in Washington I would go for a hike on the trail behind my house. He was everywhere there. It was amazing. But now I just sit on my couch and open the blinds and look out at the sunrise. Only a God so powerful and full of love could create something that beautiful. :)