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Guest Blog: The Tiny Twig

I love it when people try new things, step out of their comfort zone, and get adventurous. When people think of "adventure," a lot of minds instantly think of climbing mountains, jumping off cliffs, traveling the world, and exploring the wilderness. But in my mind, an adventure is just trying something new, especially if you have kids.

The Tiny Twig has joined us here to talk about her take on living a life of purpose, fulfillment and adventure. Her blog, Tiny Twig Goes Out On a Limb, is all about her journey to live a life of purpose and intention through trying new things and expanding the horizons of herself, her husband and her two dangerously cute little boys. She sticks true to my belief, that to find adventure, you simply need to get out of bed in the morning.


Adventure, inspiration, excitement, value, intention, enduring story.  These are all words that circle through my head daily.  I want to live a life of purpose and heart.  I value a life well lived, and at the end of it, a worn out body and a rich mind and soul.  When I became a mother, this desire to live an adventuresome life expanded exponentially.  I couldn't let these boys of mine have a life of days lived out in front of a television screen, knowing nothing more about the world than the confines of our home.

Now, unlike Mrs. Fancy Pants Outdoor Wife, I won't be winning any "outdoorsy" awards anytime soon.  I am about as opposite of outdoorsy as they come.  But, my adventures are lived out in the stacks of libraries, in the rooms of a homeless shelter, cooking foreign meals, and the like.  I like to think of myself as a cultural adventurer.  I accept new challenges with zeal, and I am always trying to show my boys that they have the power to do things and to do them well.  The world needs not perfection (because that will only come through Jesus), but people willing to think big thoughts, dream big dreams, and do big things.

So, do you value adventure?  What is the last good adventure you had?  Even if it was cooking something new and hoping (praying!) that your 3 year old would eat it...hey, I'd call that an adventure any day.  3 year old's are brutal!


  1. "mrs. fancy pants outdoor wife" - SNORT!
    love how you used the word "zeal" !!
    "never be lacking in zeal ..." Romans 12:11

    good reminder we don't have to be granola and sucking on fresh air to be on an adventure!