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Thankful on a Thursday - People

Today, I'm thankful for the presence of people in my life. The small, tight and intimate community that has surrounded me, loved me, prayed for me, and lifted me up. The friends that listen when I'm hurting. The friends that encourage when I'm insecure. The friends that make me laugh when I'm feeling a little down. 

Some live here, in this quirky & cloudy city. Some live in far-away states and countries. It never seems to matter where they physically find themselves... because they offer their hearts to me & I'm able to receive them every day. In so many moments, I find that their love... that God-pouring-out-of-them kind of love... sustains me.

I just don't think I can live this life without good people. So today, I'm most deeply thankful for those who have so graciously loved me & stuck around... even despite my many flaws and shortcomings.

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday?
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101.  A husband who hangs with the boy so I can go play with a dear friend who's in town.
102.  When I come home from aforementioned outing, there's cupcakes waiting for me on the counter.
103.  I have a beautiful, healthy, funny, adorable, crawling reason to celebrate Mother's Day.
104.  How small words of encouragement change my heart in big ways.
105.  Wisteria vines and how they make even the most wretched fence look stunningly beautiful.
106.  Crisp, hazy and cold mornings.
107.  Antique, fabric-covered books. 
108.  The sparkle in Rowan's eye when he catches sight of his rubber duck in the bath.
109.  Food.  All of it.   I love it.
110.  The best friends anyone could ever pray for. 

1 comment:

  1. People are a good choice. I forget to give thanks for them, even though I am very grateful.