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Living afresh.

I confess that my blog has gone neglected for a few days lately.

Not out of lack of desire for writing, but rather because of... well, life. With Erik out of town, my spare time is limited. When I do have a few moments to myself while the boy naps, I'm usually making it a priority to shower, or get things done around the house. Finding time to write even while Rowan was awake didn't use to be a problem... but you see, he's now mobile. 

Yes, my almost-six-month-old is crawling, and he crawls FAST. Long gone are the days of setting him down with a couple of toys and walking away to fold laundry. No, no. If he is on the ground, so am I. I'm not going through great lengths to baby-proof my house since we'll be moving out of it in two short weeks... so I'm opting to be on the ground, barricading him from sockets, door stops and dog food.

At first, I was kind of annoyed. I liked the safety. It was easy. But now, I absolutely love it. It's terrifying, to be sure... but it's hilarious and fun and wild and exciting to see my little boy experience the world differently than he did only three weeks ago.

I watch him grab new things with wonder, or spot his dogs from across the room and revel in the fact that he can get to them himself. I don't need to call them over to us, he just stalks them (the dogs are rather annoyed at his newfound mobility. Now that he can move, our pups will know no peace).

While I watch and smile at my own son's delight, I am reminded of the One who delights in us as we experience new things and live life afresh. 

Though the world that we are bound to now is broken and cracked in some of it's most sacred places, I am reminded that there is so much here to enjoy, to learn, to experience, to feel and to love.

There is an eternal prize, yes and Amen. But I refuse to ignore His simple wonders on this journey's path.

There will come a day when all is made new and beauty is restored and His Kingdom will reign forever... but His Kingdom is breaking through already - here, on Earth, in this very spot, right beneath our noses, in the smallest and simplest ways.

What new experience are you living today?


  1. It is sort of bittersweet when they get mobile. You love the security of them staying in one area but you long to see them move and play - and when they finally do - you sometimes wonder why you didn't appreciate the security more. lol. parenthood, sheesh.

  2. Tiffany- You hit the nail on the head when you said bittersweet. And Nish, I'll say that I too was also annoyed when Claire started crawling because I had put off baby-proofing. But now I love my evenings when I get home from work and she is so excited to see me that I hurry into some comfy clothes and lay on the floor with her until it's time for bed!

  3. I still remember arranging furniture in our living room so my baby could "walk" around the whole room by holding onto furniture. So cute, but then when he really started walking, I wanted to rewind. But the pure joy on their faces when they realize they can get from one place to another all by themselves - adorable. Enjoy.

  4. Oh my goodness, your almost 6 month old is crawling? And crawling fast?! Wow. I have a little guy who will be 6 months old in 3 days and he's not quite there yet but it sound like I better start preparing myself!

    Just found your blog. Can't wait to start following!

  5. aww nish! Where are you? I hope youll be back for thankful thursday tomorrow! I always look forward to reading yours !! :)