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Moving Week!

I can't believe it's finally arrived: Moving Week.

My house is in shambles and boxes, with about half of our belongings packed away, the other half in cabinets and shelves and closets. I've learned that moving away for a summer is much harder than moving somewhere permanently. Trying to figure out what to bring and what to leave is an incredible battle! When you move for good, it's pretty simple: Everything goes, and if you don't want to bring it, get rid of it!

So, all of my attention has been directed at packing this house. Our moving day is Wednesday, and I hope to get the new place all moved in and settled by the holiday weekend. That may be a tall order to fill, but I am determined... and probably the most stubborn person on the planet, so chances are good that I can get it done.

Since I will be preoccupied with packing and moving for the week, I have lined up some awesome ladies to fill in for me here! It is my hope and prayer that you will read their posts and allow the Spirit to lead you into reflection. They all have great contributions and they all ask some awesome questions.

So, if you would, please give them the same warm & kind response that you do for me. I look forward to reconnecting with you all next week, from our summer home near the river.


  1. blessings on your move. It's so difficult with a baby, I hope you are able to reach your goals!

  2. Moving is tough, and moving for short-term IS strangely harder! I know this way too well ;) Good luck with your move!