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Do you ever wish you lived a lifestyle that actually fits that Patagonia fleece you own? Have you ever dreamed that you could be more outdoorsy & adventurous? Have you ever yearned to connect more deeply with creation and get your kids to play outside?

Welcome to The Outdoor Wife. This is a place for women to learn, converse, trade ideas and ask questions about living an outdoor lifestyle.

My name is Nish and I'm the aforementioned Outdoor Wife.  I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Erik, our son Rowan, and our two dogs Shasta and Ranger. Erik runs a whitewater rafting company called Orange Torpedo Trips, so the outdoor lifestyle runs pretty deep in our little family. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time on the river.

Here in Portland, outdoor living comes second nature to most of the residents. But you don't need to live in places like Oregon, Colorado, Idaho or Montana in order to enjoy the outdoors and start venturing out your front door! That's what this blog is for. I hope you find the posts here to be helpful and encouraging to you as you make the effort to step outside and live a life full of adventure.

You'll find lots of things here:
  • Trip Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Helpful Ideas
  • Pictures
  • Personal Stories
  • Recommendations
  • Interviews
  • Giveaways 
It's my hope that you'll find this place to be entertaining, fun, and full of helpful information that can assist you in getting outside. Whether you're single, married, with or without kids, there's something here for everyone! And of course, if you have anything that you'd like to contribute, please let me know.

Welcome. I'm excited to start adventuring with you.

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