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sunday outing.

Since Erik got to go out on his own adventure yesterday, I had a couple ideas of things that we could go out and do together today. Sundays are usually our days together... we eat pancakes & drink coffee in the morning, watch Meet the Press on podcast, and do a couple of chores around the house before venturing out into the world.

Today, we started out by taking the pups to the dog park. We have two dogs, Shasta and Ranger. Shasta is a 4 year old Lab/Rottweiler mix, and Ranger is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. So, they need a bit of exercise. The weather today was UNREAL! Almost 60 degrees and sunny in Portland today, for the 4th day in a row. I think this town is confused & thinks it's May.

So, we strapped Rowan in the stroller and headed out:

I know. I have an adorable child. He's seriously the cutest kid I've ever seen. I'm not biased or anything, so that assessment is totally legit. Anyway, after the dogs were good and tired from running around like crazy, Erik asked what I wanted to do next. It didn't take me long to make that decision. 

One thing you'll learn about me is that I'm a horrible cook. Like, TERRIBLE. I can make a good batch of chili and a very select few dishes, but that's about it. However, I am a really, really good baker. I absolutely LOVE to bake. Just ask my husband and anyone else who's tried my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, or my strawberry cake with lemonade frosting. So, all of that to say, I have an affinity for baked goods.

Which is why I decided to venture into the Northwest district in downtown for a little bit of this delicious action:

Ohhhh Saint Cupcake, how I love you. Your little morsels of tastiness are sometimes too much for my little taste buds. They just want to explode with joy.

Look at these delicious creations! Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

They were almost too pretty to eat.
I ate them.

So, that was our lovely Sunday outing today! Now we're off to church for the Sunday evening service before coming back for a quiet night in. 

How do you spend your Sundays?


  1. I think the next time you are in SLC, you should visit Diva's Coffee & Cupcakes. It's Lisa's favorite coffee shop, but I think mostly because it was once a nursery and they've built a cool seating area in the atrium. (They've also got a "library" but in the winter, the atrium is the way to go.) In the summer, there's not many outdoor places like the back back patio at Divia's. Oh yeah, they make fancy cupcakes too.

  2. We have a fabulous little cupcake store in our little Southern town. It's called "Cupcakes Y'all" They have the best Pound Cake w/ cream cheese icing and Key Lime cupcakes. Yum!

  3. we also have a cupcake company here in austin, it's called Hey cupcake! They are in those airstream trailers, they have the carrot cake cupcakes to DIE for! and they are all over town... neat concept, too fattening !