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a reset button.

I've never really been a morning person. However, on this particular morning, I found myself wide awake in bed at 6:30am. On any other day, I would have stayed in bed, fighting & grumbling at the fact that I was awake so early. But today, I felt like I should get up. I'm not sure why, but I felt compelled to get out of bed early this morning.

I was up early enough to watch the sky turn from navy, to grey, to baby blue. I was up early enough to make the bed, wash a round of bottles, eat breakfast, make coffee, read my Bible and write in my journal. All of this happened before 7:45... and on a Monday morning, even!

My husband has always been a morning person. He's most productive between the hours of 7:00am and noon. This morning, I got a clear glimpse into why he loves the mornings. I realized I have a lot to learn from him.

Waking up early and spending time getting ready for my day acted like a reset button to me. I've always been a fan of Mondays, mostly because I love a fresh start to my routines. Mondays are like a clean slate, or a blank page upon which I can start my story for the week. What will I choose to fill my pages with this week? This morning, I decided that I'm going to fill it with gratitude & thankfulness. Blessings upon blessings have been poured out on me, it's only appropriate to respond with gratefulness.

That's my goal for the week:  Start my day right. Early. On the right foot. With thanks, gratitude & open hands.

How are you going to fill your pages this week?

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  1. hmmmm wishing I could wake up before 9, and getting to bed before midnight... love you!