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Wisdom Wednesday: Grab a Friend!

There are a lot of people in history who made it a point to experience creation on their own. Henry David Thoreau, of course, comes to mind. However, I'm of the belief that the outdoors are best experienced with others if you're new to this kind of lifestyle.

If you're making the effort to get outside more, here are a few simple tips that can help you get on your way with your friends.

Schedule a weekly walk/run/hike with someone.
  • Scheduling something weekly will help keep your efforts regular. The more you go, the easier it gets!
  • Scheduling with someone will help keep you accountable during those weeks you'd rather just sit on the couch. 
If you're trying a new outdoor sport, go with someone BETTER than you.
  • This is important on several levels. The first being safety. Going with someone who has more skill and experience means they have learned the ropes of the sport, they know what risks & dangers to look for, and they'll be able to lead you safely through the trails/rapids/runs.
  • Someone with more skill will be able to give you pointers, and help you learn faster than you would on your own!
  • It's always fun to watch someone do something they love, and do it well. 
Try to go someplace new every trip.
  • You may have a favorite loop you like to walk, or a favorite trail you enjoy hiking. But make the effort to try someplace new. The more you broaden your base of experience, the more you'll be able to lead others in the future!
  • Try to pick places that have a destination. If you're going on a hike, try to hike up to a point of interest, a mountain lake, a viewpoint, or a historical spot. This gives added motivation to go, and will give you a larger list of places to bring visitors when they come to your hometown.
  • Always bring your camera! You never know what you might find on a new adventure. 

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