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the summit

Erik made it to the summit! Not only did he hike to the top of Mt. Hood (11,240 feet in elevation), he skied off the top! It's something that he's talked about doing since we moved to Oregon over 3 years ago. The weather was perfect for the climb, the snow & avalanche conditions were great, and both of the guys are really glad they went. Here are a couple more pictures from their adventure. If you see them, make sure to tell them "well done!" It's quite an accomplishment.

Evan hiking up:

View from the slope:

The Hogback:

Evan, just below the summit:

Erik, just below the summit:

He made it! Erik's view from the top of Mt. Hood:

1 comment:

  1. WOW! that is insane. Those views are amazing. Nicely done Erik & Evan!