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proud of my man!

Today, Erik and his best friend Evan are climbing to the summit of Mt. Hood and skiing off the top! Have I mentioned that my husband is a complete and total STUD of a man?! Love that guy. Anyway, he's been sending pictures, and from the progression they've made, it sounds like they're almost to the summit!

After a 1:00am departure time from the house and a 3:00am start time at the mountain, this picture came through at about 8:00am. They had reached Illumination Rock, which is at 9,500 feet:

Then, at around 9:30am, this picture came through. This is the Hogback section of the climb, close to the summit. At this point, they are at 10,400 feet:

Erik said he would try to call from the summit, so I'm waiting for my phone call! If you are the praying type, your prayers for safety and a good descent would be really appreciated. It looks like they're having a blast, so I'm thankful that they were able to go on this adventure... an adventure they've been wanting to do for a long time. I'll post more pictures as they come through!

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  1. WOW! That is seriously inspiring. I would be proud too! So glad I found your blog!