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cleaning day.

There are some days when even an outdoors-type person needs to stay inside. There are some days where the house demands my attention. Today is one of those days... I'll be spending today inside, cleaning this place from top to bottom.

And this beast is my partner in crime. 

The Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal. When I say beast, I mean it. This thing picks up everything. We have two dogs in this house, so the dog hair gets out of control on my hardwoods and carpets. It's everywhere! After using this thing on my floors and couches, you'd never know we had pets. Not only does it pick up hair, the Absolute Animal picks up pet dander, which makes our house easier to visit for those folks who are allergic to dogs.

And I just spent too much time talking about a freaking vacuum. I'm Type A, could you tell?

One of my favorite things to do is sit and read a book with hot tea in my freshly-vacuumed & cleaned living room. Does anyone else love having a clean house?

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  1. Thus far, I'm in love with your new blog. Of course, that's not hard to believe because I've always been in love with you, my squish. I feel inspired and encouraged already!